Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Year Anniversary!

july 8, 2011 makes three years we've been doing this.

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Three years, holy shit!

That is all.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Glad that whole 'VD' thing is over, right?

It's the day after Valentine's Day, and I'm glad that whole 'V-D' thing is over. I'm very well aware of all the ways people feel about Valentine's Day, which is why I'm not writing a post about it. What I want to talk about is how sexualized it is, when you dig through the commercializing of the 'holiday'. This brings me to why I'm really here: I read that its Condom Week!

Condom week reportedly runs from 2/14 through 2/21. I highly encourage everyone to stock up on condoms, and at least give them to those who need, or actually use them. I hope women who enjoy sex with women dont feel exempt. Lesbians CAN use condoms, with a few minutes and a little innovation you can be better safe than sorry too! It's very important that we care about our personal health and hygiene and the usage of condoms promotes that.

And of course you should be getting tested regularly! It should come up in conversations with prospective lovers, and if you can both (or all) be honest about yourselves, you run a very high possibilty of starting an open and honest relationship. Because, contrary to most beliefs, those sort of relationships actually do exist!

And women, please dont be afraid to initiate safer sex practices. If a man (or woman) thinks you're "loose" or "whorish" because you carry around your own condoms, than that person is a douche and you probably wouldn't have wanted to sleep with them anyway. Call it 'sour grapes' or call it instinct.

If you can do anything else this week, promote safe sex.

And watch our Youtube Video, about how to use a condom, which happens to be very lesbian friendly (and long by the way)
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Peace & Love

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gossip Blogs

I want to address the tragedy that is gossip blogs. While I've indulged and even written a few poorly executed blogs about pop stars and pop culture myself, its not my area of expertise. I don't market myself as someone who is solely responible for digging up dirt. I know there are a whole lot of you that like to feed into celebrity gossip, but at this juncture I'm appalled by it. Outside of a few reposts via my twitter account I don't feed into alot of it. Unfortunately, I feel the need to explain why...

First, gossip bloggers usually get their viewer ship by tearing down young and older women alike. A pop star gains weight their is a blog. An actress has photos leaked there is a blog. It's rare that you find a [gossip] blog that is female positive and I'm sick of it! I don't see the objective in beating down a woman because she doesn't fit neatly in one of society's little boxes. Forgive me if it sounds as if I'm atop my high horse, but in the real world women go through some things, and in hollyworld, we crucify them for being who we are everyday. Enough is enough.

Second, gossip bloggers insult our intelligence with every post, and every link they share. They aren't writers, and usually plagirise to afford you a shortlived cheap thrill. It's disgusting. Let's say you so click a link... You end up at a website that just refers you to another link and when you get there, its the same shit. These people can't even form their own thoughts on a subject. It's just a business of cut, copy and paste!

I am not Alice Walker, nor do I claim to be, but if I'm going to tell you that I am a blogger shouldn't I offer you some
substance? I'm all for pursuing your craft, I just think you should at least be crafty. On top of the lack of talent, these gossip bloggers are usually indignant and egotistical, and why? They don't do anything themselves. If I had to point fingers, and I'm going to... I'd blame this trend on the success of Perez Hilton's infamous blog. I don't visit his website, becuase I can't stomach the hate and misogny, but alot of [gossip] bloggers are following in his footsteps.

If my blog had to rely on popularity from tearing down women (and people in general) I much rather remain in my little corner here on the interwebs. I can only hope that people who deem themselves writers, will follow suit. I cone across so many decent blogs who relate real human struggles while not trying to bank on it or even become popular. I commend you, good people, for keeping it real.

I'd like to end these thoughts with this "integrity is what you do when people aren't watching" and though I may have butchered that quote, my heart means well. When I am no longer technologically challenged, I'll update here more. You can start to think of me as the "counter blogHER". I'll work my fingers to the bone promoting female positivity along with a space womyn can visit, without feeling indirectly attacked.

And remember kids, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say a damn thing!

Peace & Love,
Your friendly neighborhood Spaz

P.S. I'd also like to take a moment and dedicate this post to my twitter buddies who promote positivity (@stuffRedsaid) and even offer up a little snarky twist (@justjayde) I see what you ladies do, and you inspire me without a doubt. Keep it up & stay true to you. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curing the Disease

The division of the LGBT community has always bothered me. I'm very aware of the fact that we cannot all have some magical bond based purely on sexuality. I'm also very aware that some of us- most of us, have to face the same battles. I think it's very important to realize that there is an unmatchable strength In numbers. Dare we take the chance to join hands and hearts to win this sometimes impossible war on inequality? Yes it may sound all "kumbaya" but cohesiveness works people!

There are so many divisions in the community, that I refuse to be part of any group or organization. Generally speaking, some of us tend to carry out separatist and superior attitudes. If group A that fights for marriage thinks that they're somehow better than Group B that doesn't, we all somehow end up remaining less than people who may not fit into an LGBTQ identification. So who really wins? We are always going to fight for different things, what matters is that we fight together. You know, "kill two birds with one stone"? We subject each other to the same ridicule that we feel victim of. I can guarantee you that your walking and marching doesn't make you a better asset to this fight, than someone who doesn't. We have to come at this from multiple directions. We can't pretend to possess more of the fight than we actually have. And hell, some people can't walk, let's not forget that.

Some of us may have more battles to get through before the war is finished, some of us have priorities arranged a tad differently. What is the point if we all continue to stand in judgement? I'll be the one to say that the LGBT community has as much hypocrisy as any other community with unresolved issues. In case you didn't get the memo, neither of us have been appointed saints. Gays aren't better than lesbians, lesbians aren't better than the trans community, trans-folk aren't better than queers or otherwise identified. I can only be sure about my own direction, but I want everyone to think about whether their the cure or the disease. If there is a sickness in house, it'll take a little longer for us to get well. ( please don't contact me about the metaphor, I'm not saying WE'RE sick.) All I'm saying is that we need to work together, to make things better. I'm sure this will come up again, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by,

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